Ndindi Nyoro Suspended From Parliament For 2 Days For Saying MPs Are Bribed To Vote

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro has been suspended from the National Assembly for two days from Wednesday, for claiming that Members of Parliament were being bribed to vote.

Nyoro was kicked out by temporary speaker Soipan Tuya who said he misled her because he failed to substantiate his claims when he was challenged to.

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro

He had sensationally claimed that MPs were being bribed by Wajir Women Representative Fatuma Gedi to vote for the Handshake team.

“Hon Nyoro, based on the standing orders 107 having misled the house. I order Hon Nyoro be removed from precincts of parliament for two days,” she ruled in ejecting him.

Also ejected out was Gedi for the rest of Wednesday’s session for distributing Lollipops to MPs during an active session.

“I want to call your attention to standing order 107 which addresses orderly conduct in the House. On the same note, Hon Fatuma Gedi be removed from the House for the remainder of the sitting,” the temporary speaker ruled.

On a point of order, Nyoro had claimed that Gedi was bribing MPs.

“This is a honorable house, and we make decisions based on persuasion and conviction. It is abhorrent to see Madam Fatuma Gedi distributing Sh100,000 to MPs to vote on their way. We can’t have bribery happening here Madam Speaker at the glare of the cameras,” Nyoro claimed, but he did not substantiate the claims.

Gedi however, admitted that she was distributing Lollipops to legislators to boost their sugar levels after a prolonged sitting.

“Sugar levels by Hon MPs had gone down. Order Chair! I was distributing sweets,” said Gedi.

The debate was brought to a standstill for a moment as the opposing sides exchanged harsh words on the bribery claims.

“Hon Ndindi Nyoro rose in his place without any substantiation and made a ridiculous claim that is unfounded. We would like you Chair to challenge Nyoro to substantiate and if he can’t he should withdraw. This matter is on you chair,” said Homabay Women Rep Gladys Wanga

And when it resumed, Nyoro and Gedi were kicked out.


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