Drama at a Funeral: Mourners Remove Abenny Jachiga’s Casket from Grave

Drama unfolded at Ohangla Musician, Abenny Jachiga’s funeral when mourners removed his casket from the grave earlier today on June 12.

A news report by Citizen TV indicates that they were demanding a proper burial for the popular artist.

Abenny whose legal name is Bernard Onyango Obonyo breathed his last on June 11 after a long battle with pneumonia.

However, due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus within and outside the country, the government has put into place measures to control the infections.

Among them are mandatory social distancing measures at ceremonies such as burials which must not have more than 15 attendees.

In addition, the deceased must be buried within 48 hours after death and must only be handled by health officers.

The burial date for Jachiga was set for June 12. Mourners turned up in volumes defying the COVID-19 measures.

Most of them were Bodaboda riders. They led the convoy to Abenny’s burial site.

Bodaboda operators escort the hearse to the burial site. PHOTO | COURTESY

There was an unexpected turn of events as the masses started casting stones at the police.

Citizen TV reports that they were demanding that the deceased be accorded a proper burial. In that case, that they be given more time to mourn, view the body and pay their last respect.

They further removed the casket from the grave. They then partially filled up the grave so as to delay the burial from making progress.

The police were left with no choice when the crowd became rowdy. They unleashed teargas which saw a good number of those in attendance take off.

Police escort the hearse carrying the body of Abenny Jachiga. PHOTO | COURTESY

Since the burial was interrupted, the body has since been moved to St. Florence Chiga Health Center.

A new burial date is yet to be confirmed.



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