Mother Hires Gang to Rape, Silence Daughter Who Accused Step Dad of Sexual Abuse

A woman in Uganda is reported to have hired a gang to rape her daughter in an effort to silence her sexual abuse allegations against her step father.

The devastating news was shared on Twitter by Ugandan media personality and human rights activist, Faith Mulungi.

According to Mulungi who says she was granted permission by the young woman to share her story, the girl is a university student.

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“This mother hired goons to rape her daughter to “humble” her after she opened up that the step dad has been sexually abusing her for as long as he’s been part of the family…Yes, here in Uganda.”

She went on to narrate that victim has been assaulted by her step father for as long as he has been a part of her family’s life.

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“She has been raped since she remembers so this recent event retraumatizes her.” She added.

When she came out about it, her mother hired about 4-6 men to “humble” her. She hasn’t seen the doctor even once.

Ms Mulungi pointed out that the victim is from a needy family, a move that triggered many social media users to raise money so she could see a medical professional.

For her own security, the girl left her mother’s house to stay with her grandmother.


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