UTV emerged the most watched TV station in Ghana in the third quarter of 2015.

This is according to a survey conducted by GeoPoll, one of the largest providers of overnight audience measurement data in Africa.

According to the survey in the third quarter of 2015, UTV emerged as the most watched station, with an average audience share of 22.4% over the three months period.

According to GeoPoll, UTV and TV3 had similar ratings throughout the day, with UTV coming out on top primarily due to their strong performance in the evening prime time.

UTV Ghana is arguably acclaimed as the “most local” television station in the country largely due to their keen interest to satisfy the local Ghanaian market and this is embedded in their tagline ‘it’s all about you’.

9. Metro TV – (4.8%)

8. JoyNews – (5.3%)

7. Viasat 1 – (5.8%)

6. GH One – (7.3%)

5. Joy Prime – (9.8%)

4. Adom TV – (10.6%)

3. GTV – (11.6%)

2. TV3 – (20.7%)

TV3 experienced their strongest ratings during the evening, experiencing a daily peak from 19:00 to 20:00, with a rating of 5.6 at 19:00 and 5.4 at 19:30. On Sundays, TV3 experiences an additional peak in viewership, with an average rating of 6.5 on Sundays at 20:30.

1. UTV – (22.4%)

UTV experienced their strongest ratings during prime time on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, with an average rating of 6.9 at 20:00 and 7.3 at 20:30 on those days.