Photo: GhanaWeb

We asked our readers in the OMGVoice Community how they feel about driving in Ghana.


We heard from close to 400 people. While obviously, we can’t include all the responses, here are some that represent the diverse range of perspectives people shared.

1. Drivers who leave the bus whilst it’s being loaded only for the mate to spend another 5 minutes looking for them after the bus is full. Most annoyingly they don’t even apologise to passengers for wasting their time.

Submitted by: Dzifa Atubra


2. When u try to overtake a vehicle and suddenly they decide to speed up especially taxi drivers…its not a race. Drivers need to know that, they have to allow by slowing down a bit as soon as they notice another vehicle is overtaking them.

Submitted by: Eunice Ampofo


3.  The fact that drivers act as if the will never be pedestrians even if it’s one day packing your car to cross the road. They treat pedestrians very poorly

Submitted by: Blaise Asanga


4. When the driver changes the gear 5 times a munite just because his hands moves around your thighs when changing !

Submitted by: Debbie Asamoah Antwi

5. When slow heavy duty trucks become fast lane huggers and won’t move to the out lane. So annoying.
Also Broken down vehicles left on the side of the road. 😬😬😬😬😡😡😡

Submitted by: Tawfiq Deen Umar


6. Trucks on the speed Lane which is not moving fast.


7. When the driver branch to a feeling station especially when you’re in a hurry.


8. Early morning trotro riders with chewing stick in mouth spitting indiscriminately through the window.

Submitted by: Kissinger Sean Daniels


9. Sunyani taxi drivers.

When you are following them, they will just branch from the road and stop to pick a passenger then after they will show the indicator light to that effect. They always turn and stop before they show their indicator light.

Submitted by Kweku Darko Mensah


10. When commercial drivers slow down in the middle of the road in search of a passenger.

They become very unpredictable. You can’t tell if they want to stop or not. Most don’t even use their traffic indicators they join and exit the road and lanes at will with little or no regards to other drivers.

Submitted by: Clifford Eli King Afedoh


11. When you flip your indicator to change lane and all of a sudden the vehicle beside you decide to speed to prevent you from switching to their lane, due to this I mostly change lane without using my indicator.

Submitted by: Cornelius Phronesis Tamakloe


12. A driver ahead does something that causes traffic. The one behind, out of anger, chases him and blocks the road so they can insult each other. They cause traffic again. Sigh.

Submitted by: Okyeredom Kwasi Addai-Mununkum


13. When u enter the bus and the only place is at the back seat, as u are on your way to sit down and the mate sees another trotro coming, they will not wait for u to sit and the mate will shout w)tee w)tee , if u are not fast, u either land on somebody or fall down.


14. When after waiting for the like 2hrs for the car to be full, the driver comes and ask the men in the car to help push to start the car.


15. Is when u follow cars and approaching traffic light and the green is on it for them to go, they will relax when is red before they will be speeding.


16. When you follow an air conditioned vehicle bellowing thick smoke and you have no chance to overtake it.


17. The most annoying part is when a trotro driver pass by a feeling station to buy one gallon fuel.

Submitted by: Sly King Sidibe


18. When a driver drives off his lane due to pot holes and uses the other lane and when there’re oncoming vehicles. And then unnecessary overtaking.


19. Drivers picking passengers in traffic whilst others horning to prevent them.


20. Very an annoying when u want alight at a particular place and the driver will tell u that place x not a bus stop meanwhile they pick passengers from the same place lol.