Ghana Practice ‘Monecracy’, Only Fools Defend NPP, NDC Vote Buying – Odike

Mr. Akwasi Addai Odike, founder and leader of United Progressive Party (UPP) has described people who back and defend the two major Political Parties in Ghana, NPP, and NDC on their vote-buying are fools.

He explained that those people do not want the betterment of the country hence just think about their pockets.

According to Mr. Odike, these major parties mobilize money when they are in government just to buy votes every upcoming election.

He rallies behind his claim as he indicated that the UPP is ready and prepared to do more for Ghana than what the two major parties have done.

odike ghana

Talking on Kumasi base radio station, Abusua Fm, he expressed that Ghana is not practicing any democracy but rather commercial democracy which the 2020 election is going to be of the highest bidder to win the election.

He however disclosed that there are no funds available for them to practice such which is the reason they have not been able to win any elections.

He stated that the two political parties’ “moneycracy” act has prevented him from attaining power in the country.


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