Mombasa Sex Workers Announce New Terms Of Service, As The Going Gets Tough

Commercial sex workers in Mombasa County have reportedly revised their rates upwards to cushion them against runaway inflation and growing economic hardships.

This was revealed by Lucy Kiragu of Nkoko Iju African, an NGO, which has a 4,000-strong membership drawn from a variety of commercial sex workers in the county.

In her Monday communiqué, (Nkoko Iju is Pokomo for high-pitched), Kiragu gave a three-day notice — which lapsed yesterday — before the new rates apply.

Commercial Sex Worker

Kiragu said

“a session with no romance” has been adjusted to Sh500 from Sh300; a “full package of romance” is now Sh1,000, up from Sh500.

Those who want to enjoy sex without protection, on the other hand, will have to pay Sh3,000.

Those who disregard the new rates, Kiragu added, would face “disciplinary action.”

She said these without elaboration.

Neither did she elaborate on the range of “products” offered by her members, such as “sessions without romance,” and how that compares with a “full package” of romance.

Kiragu said her members have been adversely affected by the high cost of living, while decrying the low volumes of business. It is not clear how raising fees will rejuvenate an already depressed economy.

Sex workers should find comfort in this week’s announcement that price of staples like maize flour will reduce by Sh2, to help more Kenyans afford to put food on the table.

It was not clear if the sex workers intend to reduce their services by a similar margin.

One sure way to give incentive to customers who lack the money but have farm produce, would be to barter food items with entertainment.

One drawback for accepting such transactions is that some families would be deprived of food to accommodate the sex workers, and perhaps even witness a migration from homes to beer halls, as men and women decide to put their mouth where the food is.

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