This Mom Named Her Son “Lucifer” And People Are Seriously Trolling Her

This mom has been demonized by the internet for giving her offspring one of 2022’s trendiest — yet most inflammatory — baby names: Lucifer.

Josie Barnes, 27, of Devon, England, says she has been receiving nonstop hate, and even death threats, from trolls since impulsively announcing the birth of her controversially named boy on the UK’s popular “Jeremy Kyle Show.”

mom named son lucifer

Even though the 7-month-old is the most adorable bad-seed namesake there could be, that hasn’t stopped social media from grabbing its proverbial pitchforks and torches, sparing no mercy for the infant or his mother’s wellbeing.

“I’m so lucky I’m thick-skinned because a lot of these death threats are so horrible and scary,” Barnes told SWNS about her life after calling into the TV chat show.

Even those who didn’t wish eternal hellfire damnation on the mother posted hurtful jeers online, with one of the less-abusive haters saying that the boy is “going to [be] bullied all his life. How sad.”

Barnes did anticipate an inferno of negativity after naming Lucifer — but she stuck to her guns after seeing many friends hastily change their children’s names “due to pressure from other people.”

“When I chose his name, I knew people wouldn’t like it, but it’s not up to them,” she said. “I think it’s really bad where a 7-month-old-month baby gets criticized and bullied because of a name,” she added, also stressing “that is when we need to remember that society is the problem, not our personal choices.”

Despite some having a get-thee-gone attitude towards the moniker, Lucifer is actually one of the trendiest new names for tots.

Some parents have been inspired to use the name Lucifer from the Fox-turned-Netflix series of the same devilish name, spawning a new trend of “demon naming,” Pamela Redmond,  co-creator of Nameberry, a baby-naming database and guide for expecting parents, told The Post.

Lucifer has even become a more popular handle than both Nigel and Trevor last year in the United Kingdom, according to the Evening Standard. Meanwhile, Barnes, who was planning to name her baby Narnia if the infant was a girl, says her selection is anything but satanic.

“The devil is not the meaning of my son’s name,” she said, also confessing to recently learning the meaning of the word “atheist” after it was used to describe her own nonreligious beliefs.

“When it comes to religion and real life, they are very different things — one is actual living and the other is in a book,” Barnes added, mentioning she “looked at thousands of baby names, and it wasn’t a decision made lightly.”

Right before her pregnancy with baby Luie, Barnes suffered hemiplegia, a partial paralysis that inhibits her body’s mobility — she also lost 10 children since the birth of her first daughter six years ago.

“I never thought I would be given the chance to have a second child,” Barnes said, noting that she will be undergoing a sterilization procedure in the future.

“I knew [Lucifer] was the last child I could ever have,” she added, praising the “miracle” that he was born healthy despite the odds.


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