Heartbroken Mom Forced To Bury Empty Coffin For Failing To Pay Ksh 18 Million Hospital Bill

A family was forced to carry on with the burial service of deceased son after a hospital withheld his body over a Ksh 18 million bill.

The 13-year-old boy, Brian Kimani Njoroge passed away in the last months of 2019 after five and a half months of admission in the hospital.

According to a feature by Mt. Kenya TV, the family had held a number of fundraisers to try to clear the Ksh 17.9 million hospital bill demanded before the body could be released.

Brian’s father highlighted the frustrations they had met trying to raise the funds stating that despite holding multiple fundraisers they had not made a significant dent in the bill.

“Once you’ve two or three harambee people grow tired of giving. And it’s not thousands that are owed by millions,” explained the father.

Brian’s mother expressed her sorrow at bearing the cost of the pending bills while still grappling with the loss of her son.

“What pains me most is that the child is gone yet you still have a debt to settle,” she stated.

Kimani passed away from liver failure. The condition began following the treatment he had received for leukaemia.


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