Military Lesbian Couple Who Got Married Allegedly Detained And Facing Court Martial

Ghanaians were thrown into a state of shock after photos and videos of a lesbian military couple getting married went viral yesterday.

Their names are yet to be identified but it can be confirmed that one of the couple (the taller one) is a Military woman.

Reports reaching indicate that the military woman has been apparently brought before the court martial to answer questions pertaining to her alleged marriage to her lesbian partner.

[Court martial is a judicial court for trying members of the armed services accused of offences against military law.]

According to what has learned, the lady in question has denied getting married. According to her, the ceremony was not a wedding.

The military is therefore conducting a thorough investigation as to whether she is saying the truth or not. However, at the moment she has been charged for giving out her uniform to a civilian.

Below is a video from the alleged marriage ceremony:


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