Miguna Miguna Elated After William Ruto Promises To Get Him Back To Kenya If Elected President

Exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna has been flattered after Deputy President William Ruto announced he will get him back to Kenya if he wins the presidency in the August 9, elections.

Miguna’s attempts to get to the country have been hitting a snag after his 2018 deportation which the High Court already ruled was unlawful.

Speaking to Voice of America, Ruto said he will allow the barrister back to the country as soon as he becomes president because, despite anything, Miguna is a Kenyan-born citizen who deserves to be home.

“I will bring him home at once! He is a Kenyan and he has not done anything wrong. If he has done anything, he should be brought home and face the law at home. It does not make any sense that we host exiled people in Kenyan yet one of our own is exiled in Canada,” he said.


Taking to social media, Miguna reacted to Ruto’s interview saying he answered the question correctly.

“A good question, which William Samoei Ruto answered correctly. But he must go farther: condemn human rights abuses, constitutional violations and disobedience of court orders,” he said.

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