Michael Blackson Says He Has What It Takes To Be The President Of Ghana

American-Ghanaian comedian, Michael Blackson, says he does not mind renouncing his American citizenship to run for president in Ghana.

michael blackson hawking

In an interview on the state broadcaster Ghana Television (GTV), the comic actor said he has the potential to be a president, considering his ability to help the people and the belief others have in him to extend a helping hand.

“I believe that when running for president, people have to want you. ‘Mike, we need you, we like what you believe in, we like what you are doing, we know you could be a great president.’

“‘You seem to care about us, to care about everybody’ – and I think that is what a real president is all about. It’s caring about everybody,” Michael said.

The comedian said on many occasions that he has worked in the interest of the people that need him the most.

Hence, he is ready to take whatever necessary steps, including renouncing his citizenship, to seriously consider vying for power to continue his work for the people.

“I don’t care about American citizenship. I was in America for over 30 years, and I just became a citizen six months ago.

“I don’t try to fight so hard to get it because, in America, especially in this new era, it’s all about being different. People like difference, and I have been claiming ‘Africanism’ since day one,” he added.


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