Mental Evaluation For High School Dropout Who Pretended To be Medical Intern

A South African high school dropout who duped five health facilities by pretending to be a medical intern has been served a court order to undergo mental evaluation.

Nokwanda Ndlovu, 23, will be taken to Fort Napier Hospital for an examination to determine whether there was an underlying medical condition that prompted her to commit the crime.

She is reported to have appeared in court briefly before the ruling of the fraudulent charges against her.

A psychiatrist who examined her revealed that Ndlovu did not have any signs of psychosis.

“Based on my initial assessment, there were no obvious signs of psychosis,” the pro said in part.

According to the expert, it was difficult to make any deductions of Ndlovu’s state of mind at the time.

A second appointment with the psychiatrist was scheduled. However, Times LIVE reports that Ndlovu failed to show up.

This prompted the doctor to refer the accused to Fort Napier Hospital for a more comprehensive examination

“I was not able to carry out the second examination since the accused did not arrive for the second appointment…I recommend that Miss Ndlovu be referred to Fort Napier Hospital for further observation and psychological testing,” the psychiatrist declared.

Ndlovu allegedly spent at least 2 years working as a medical intern in Kwazulu Natal.

Institutions of higher learning in the region allegedly do not have any records of the accused ever being enrolled.

She was released on bail and will be sent to the psychiatric facility once room is available.


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