The year of 2016 saw MANY memes come and go, but these made the greatest impact in Ama Ghana.

1. I can’t think far.

“I can’t think far” became the perfect reaction to ANYTHING we couldn’t process.


2. Kalypo challenge

The president-elect was caught on camera enjoying a nice chilled drink of Kalypo and it took the nation by storm.

Winners of the Kalyppo Challenge

Photo: Facebook


3. Jake

A chubby-cheeked little boy whose serious expression turned him into a meme. The picture of Jake, then four, was one of hundreds taken by Cortes while Adufah taught art and creative studies to the children. Thanks to the viral photo, Adufah was able to raise $2,000 (£1,642) – 10% of its target in 24 hours.


4. JM Toaso

The Usain bolt lighting by Mahama was the go to sign by the NDC to indicate their path to victory in the 2016 elections.

Mini rally at Abofour in the Ashanti Region. #NDC #JMToaso #ChangingLives #TransformingGhana

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2016 was a good year, did we miss any from this list?