Meet Rachael Kabue, A Mihang’o Woman Spending Ksh 280,000 Per Month On Her 386 Cats

Rachael Kabue resides in Mihang’o area of Utawala. She is a cat lover and also on a mission to rescue cats and provide them with a good home.

In an interview with KBC , Rachael revealed that she currently has 386 cats most of which are picked from the streets while some travel from far places such as Kisumu and Nakuru. The cats are all named and they respond well without any confusion.

She has a sanctuary Nairobi Feline Sanctuary which is home to all cats of different ages and appearances. It is managed through her income and donations that come in periodically from well-wishers.

“In a week, they eat about 50 kilograms of cat food and about 70 kilograms of minced meat. In a month, I am spending upwards of between Ksh250,000 and KSh280,000,” she said.

Rachael Kabue, who owns close to 400 cats

Rachael owns a four bedroom bungalow but has donated the house to the cats and she uses a smaller space in the same compound.

The sanctuary has a maternity wing for neonates and she has employed a veterinary doctor who operates on the cats to control their reproduction.

She has employed people to take care of the cats, adding that she gives opportunities to the youth and single mothers who are cat lovers.

Now known as the cat woman, she is looking forward to travel to Canada to benchmark from big pet stores.

The Nairobi Feline Sanctuary offers cats for adoption and the cats are well trained for domestication .

Rachael added that she faces discrimination from people who associate cats with superstition and they doubt what she does with so many cats.

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