Meet Elaine Amankwah, The Ghanaian Woman Running For US Congress

In a world where women are making the greatest exploits in various fields in the face of many challenges, a Ghanaian woman is etching her path to becoming one of the few women breaking grounds in the United States House of Representatives.

And Elaine Amankwah Nietmann is her name!

Elaine Amankwah is a trained lawyer who is currently running to represent the good people of the 4th Congressional District of Georgia, USA in the US House of Representatives.

Elaine immigrated from Ghana to the United States at a very young age and has since not looked back!

Her family first moved from Ghana to Maryland and she relocated to Georgia in 2011, during her final year in law school.

elaine amankwah Nietmann

She credits her Christian faith to her ability to handle and successfully balance the duties of her law practice and family of six while still advocating for her son’s special needs.

Living by the words of her parents, Elaine believes that the goal of hard work will never be lost when you give it everything you’ve got!


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Here is Elaine during her candidacy announcement for the U.S. Congress:

You go girl and make Ama Ghana proud!


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