Medical Doctor Votes For Nana Addo, Explains Why She Ditched Mahama

A woman identified as Mariam Xeurs Carrey casts her vote against John Mahama and details why she chose Nana Addo over him.

Mariam Xeurs Carrey revealed herself as a medical doctor and also indicated that she has four brothers in the Ghana army.

Some military men are very upset over a derogatory comment Sammy Gyamfi once said about them and so far, have sighted on two votes going against John Mahama that was as a result of Sammy Gyamfi’s comments.

First was a military man who recorded himself voting against Mahama and revealing that he chose Nana Addo over Mahama because of Sammy Gyamfi, click here to watch the video.

Mariam Xeurs Carrey after she had finished voting shared a screenshot on her Twitter page revealing that she can not sit idle and watch NDC sack her four brothers who are into military.

She wrote:

“As a medical doctor with four brothers in the army. I can’t sit idle and watch ndc sack my brothers, after what sammy gyamfi said #SpecialVoting”

Source: The Distin


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