Angry Manager Tell Employees To Stop Charging Phones At Work Because Its “Stealing Electricity”

A pretty angry boss left a note to his employees telling them to stop charging their phones because it’s ‘theft of electricity’.

The message was shared on Reddit recently and the user captioned the post as: “One of a seemingly endless series of unreasonable notes left by my boss.

“It’s great here.”

The full note read:

“Nobody is entitled to ‘charge up’ any mobile phone or other electrical devices on these premises.

“It is theft of electricity, and you may find a deduction has been made from your pay.

“Phones should be switched off.”

While it is currently unknown exactly where the note came from and when it was posted, it’s pretty shocking, to say the least.

You’d understand that a few employees might want to look for other work after receiving a note like that.

manager note


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