Man With 4 Wives Living In One House Says He Satisfies Them All: “Especially in Bed”

A Zambian man identified as Mbewe is married to four wives and they are all living under one roof.

The polygamous man did an interview where he was joined by two of the four wives and they opened up about how they balance things at home.

Mbewe’s viral interview clip was shared on Facebook by Real Talk with Pastor Jimmy Kay who was the host of the interview.

When asked how he manages to take care of his four wives, he said:

“I will not disclose who told me this, but one of them said, ‘old man, you’re good, cheating is pointless. Especially in the bed,” he said.

One of his wives echoed his sentiments and said they cannot complain about his performance as he satisfies them all, fully. “He satisfies us, too much. He is a real man,” she said.

Another wife also added her voice to the discussion, showing that they are all comfortable with the polygamous marriage they are in.

“A man will never have one woman, whether he buys you a Mercedes Benz or a mansion, he will never,”

said one of his wives.

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