Man Who Sealed Wife’s Genitalia With Superglue Jailed For 50 Years

James Kifo Muriuki, a man who assaulted his wife in May 2020, has been sentenced to 50 years behind bars by a Chuka Magistrate.

Muriuki was found guilty of assaulting his wife by sealing her genitalia with super glue as well as beating and gravely injuring her.

He had pleaded not guilty to charges brought before him of sexual assault, attempted murder, committing an unnatural offence and acting indecently against his wife back in June 2020.


Principal Magistrate Njoki Kahara of the Chuka Law Courts declared on Saturday, December 23 that Muriuki was guilty of sexually assaulting his wife and causing grievous harm to her.

It was earlier reported that Muriuki had come back home to Tharaka Nithi after working in Nairobi for some time and confronted his wife.

He had ordered her to strip naked and reveal to him all the men she had slept with while he was away.

He then beat her and put pepper, salt and super glue her genitalia and used a knife to push the mixture into her genitalia.

It was reported that he sealed her mouth and ears and left her for dead.

Muriuki was arrested for the offence a few days later and had been remanded at Embu GK Prison awaiting sentencing.

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