Man United Fans Beg Elon Musk To Buy Their Club Instead Of Twitter

Manchester United fans have called on Elon Musk to buy the Premier League club from the Glazers after the Tesla CEO’s eye-watering Twitter bid.

Musk, 50, on Thursday revealed that he had launched an astonishing takeover bid of $43bn to snap up the popular social media platform.

The outspoken Tesla chief, who owns a 9.2 per cent stake in Twitter, confirmed that his offer would see him purchase Twitter for $54.20 a share.

Now, United fans who are disgruntled with the Glazers’ controversial ownership of the Old Trafford outfit want Musk to turn his attention away from Twitter and towards the Red Devils instead.

One fan posted:

“Buy Manchester United [Elon Musk] and invest $2billion to sign all the young best players in the world. Trust me, you’ll cash out soon and make noise on Twitter with it. Don’t buy Twitter!”

Someone else commented:

“I am very certain if Elon Musk can propose a price for Manchester United, then the Glazers will leave as soon as the price tag is mentioned. Thus [Marcus] Rashford and [Cristiano] Ronaldo will stay.”

And a third Twitter user wrote: “[Elon Musk] Wanna own a soccer team? Manchester United is that club, bro!”

While a fourth tweeted: “[Elon Musk] is the real-life Iron Man. Buy [Manchester United] and do some crazy stuff, Elon!”

Musk is committed to his desired acquisition of Twitter and believes the platform’s board of directors must not reject his offer by going against the financial interests of shareholders.


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