This Man From Wa Is Set To Reunite With His Family After Living In The Forest For 40 Years

Mumuni to meet his family again after living in a forest for 40 years

He traveled from Wa to Asante Akyem North, intending to make ends meet through farming but things took a wrong turn and he ended up in a forest.

This is the touching story of Mumuni, an elderly man who has been competing for shelter and food with the wildlife for 40 solid years.

He has been exposed to the severest of all-weather temperatures; the torrential rains and the hottest sun all-alike.

man lives in forest for 40 years

Mumuni who resides in a little hut made of palm branches feeds on wild plants and stray animals from the bush.

He made utensils out of aluminum and copper scraps which he used in preparing his meals.

Mumuni gathered pieces of bricks and firewood which he uses in making fire.

But through the kind benevolence of individuals who have spotted Mumuni’s plight after his video with Oheneba TV went viral, he has been cleaned up and is set to head back to his family in Wa where he hails from.

It took a lot of convincing as Mumuni was initially hesitant to go back to his village;

“I wish I had people around me. My mouth is always shut because there is nobody to talk to. There are so many insects around here and my whole skin is damaged but I want to spend a little time here. I have managed to cultivate a farm for myself. When someone even offers to pay for the farm, I won’t go unless after Christmas. I cannot just carry my bag and say I’m heading back. I need to perform some rites and put things in place before I leave.”

Finally, he has agreed to leave, and Mumuni has been dressed in fine clothes and is ready to head back to the village.

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