Man Banned From An “All You Can Eat Restaurant” For Eating Too Much

A food streamer has claimed a Barbecue Buffet restaurant has banned him for taking advantage of their offerings.

The man, known only as Mr Kang, claims Changsha restaurant Handadi Seafood BBQ Buffet ‘discriminated’ against him after he ate 5.5kg of food across a number of visits.

The man ate 1.5kg of pork trotters during his first binge and 3.5kg to 4kg of prawns on a separate occasion.

banned from all you can eat

No matter what you consider ‘all you can eat’ to be, those are some impressive figures.

According to the BBC, the man made a point that he didn’t waste any of the food, and says he shouldn’t be punished for his impressive appetite.

“I can eat a lot – is that a fault?” he said. No sir, it absolutely is not.

The restaurant owner explained that Mr Kang was hurting his bottom line, saying he loses ‘a few hundred yuan’ every time the man visits.

“Even when he drinks soy milk, he can drink 20 or 30 bottles. When he eats the pork trotters, he consumes the whole tray of them. And for prawns, usually people use tongs to pick them up, he uses a tray to take them all,” they said.

The restaurant has banned live-streamers, but after going viral on Weibo the story has attracted plenty of criticism.

Some have said the all-you-can-eat restaurant should lose that title if it can’t truly offer a never-ending supply, while other’s saw the restaurant owner’s point and said the man was taking advantage.

The news comes as President Xi Jinping has pushed citizens to ‘fight against food waste’, over concerns of food shortages and considered banning eating influencer videos to discourage the binging.

Whether you consider almost 6kgs of meat and seafood to be excessive or not, there’s no denying that’s a lot of food. Imagine what he could do at a dine-in Pizza Hut.


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