Man, 71, Dies In Parklands Lodging He Booked With 22-Year-Old Lover

Police in Nairobi are investigating an incident in which a 71-year-old man died in a lodging in Parklands.

The man is said to have booked the room together with a 22-year-old girl on Thursday at 4 pm.

He however began complaining two hours later of chest and back pains.


The matter escalated and he began gasping for air in the room.

Then, the woman walked downstairs and called a taxi to help save the man’s life.

The taxi driver with the help of the woman rushed to the room and pick him up in a bid to save her life.

They rushed the man to the Aga Khan hospital using his car.

On arrival at the Agha Khan Hospital, the man was pronounced dead.

It is not clear yet what could have caused the man’s death.

Police are probing the incident as they also await an autopsy report.

Cases of elderly men dying in lodging while in love-making sessions in Nairobi have been on the rise.

Police have cited the use of drugs that stimulate sexual desires as one of the causes of such deaths especially when used in excesses.

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