Maid Caught On Camera Manhandling Her Boss’ Child As She Gave Her A Bath

An unidentified woman believed to be a maid has made myriads of enemies on the internet following a video that has surfaced.

The purported maid was caught on camera manhandling her employer’s child as she gives the little girl a bath.

The maid whose employer(s) is/are probably not around is seen hitting the little child mercilessly and she basically waterboards her with a pale of water. As if that was not enough, the child slips and falls as the maid yanks one of her legs to clean it.

The video was taken by a neighbour who was hidden upstairs and witnessing what was going on.

The video which was shared on Twitter has since been viewed close to 200,000 times and retweeted over 2000 times.

Her inhumane act did not sit well with viewers, triggering different reactions from anyone who saw it.

While some blamed the current crop of ‘lazy’ parents who fancy the idea of employing house helps since they do not want to lift a finger in the house, others attacked the person who recorded the video for not confronting the maid in the act.

Here are some reactions.


This one was way too emotional

I think she meant some** humans

He’s right tho

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