Magoha: I Was Deputy Commander Of A Ruthless Eastland’s Gang

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha on Thursday shared a light moment with Elimu and Wings-to-fly scholars about his conduct in secondary school.

Magoha, an alumnus of Starehe Boys Center agreed that a cartoon which was drawn about him was true.

It also had words inscribed ‘featuring omore joj’ which are his other two names, George Omore.

Education CS Prof Magoha
Education CS Prof Magoha

The CS said before he got inspiration to join Starehe Boys, he was a deputy commander of a gang.

“I grew up in Eastlands as one of the tough guys there and I used to be deputy commander of a juvenile gang called sicheki,” Magoha said.

He recounted the sicheki gang constantly falling in trouble with the other gangs in the surrounding estates.

“We used to have skirmishes with all other groups at Ololo (Kaloleni), Makongeni and elsewhere so the cartoon where I was playing guitar is true.”

While on his normal duties, Magoha came across a music band at the Starehe Boys center which attracted him to the school.

He was later admitted to form one at Starehe Center where he finished his secondary school studies.

“I liked those bright colors, blue and red so I decided I want to go there because of that band and that also attracted me to play guitar so it is true I used to play guitar,” he added.

However, Magoha attributes his current position and milestones in life to the values instilled in him at the institution.

“Once I got there, the discipline that was there is why I am what I am today because all the band members including Kabaseli himself died many years ago,” he said.

He urged learners to be disciplined despite their social situations.

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