Madagascar Hospitals Overwhelmed By Covid-19 Patients Months After Finding Cure

Madagascar has become one of the most talked about countries in the world in the wake of the current coronavirus pandemic. The country caused a lot of controversy across the globe after claiming to have found the cure to the Novel coronavirus.

The President of the East African country, Andry Rajeolina testified to the discovery and went ahead to admonish other African countries to try out their cure. However, after some months later, it seems that the said cure was only a nine day wonder.

Things have gotten out of hand and the situation keeps getting worse. Public hospitals in Madagascar have reportedly reached full capacity and will only admit patients with severe symptoms of coronavirus as cases surge in the Indian Ocean island nation.

The spokeswoman of the country’s COVID-19 command centre, Hanta Marie Danielle Vololontiana has also revealed that, those who don’t get tested and eventually die at home will not be counted as part of the country’s official statistics.


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