Mackenzie’s Mother : He Is Not A killer, Follower Betrayed Him

The mother to controversial Pastor Paul Mackenzie has broken her silence amid controversies surrounding him.

While speaking to NTV, Anastancia Mwele said if her son was a killer, he would have killed her first.

She defended Mackenzie, saying he was betrayed by his followers who want him locked up.

“He is being called a killer, that is what they are saying, my son is a killer yet I have never had any problem with him. All those saying that are his congregants, you can see them telling stories,” she said.

“They are his followers who betrayed him and started saying Mackenzie is a killer. Whom did he kill, why are they not showing us who he killed?”

Mackenzie mother
Mackenzie mother

Narrating the journey of his son since childhood, Mwele said Mackenzie did not give her any difficulties while growing up.

She said the Pastor took up a taxi job in Malindi after finishing school to fend for his family.

Mwele said that after her son closed down his church in 2019, he has never caused any trouble.

“I am not defending him because I know my son is not a killer and has never been, If I am lying, God will punish me,” she said.

Mackenzie’s mother said her son did not tell anyone to starve to death and that it was his followers’ choice to fast.

She added that the news concerning Mackenzie hurt her as a mother because they are all untrue.

Mwele urged the government to investigate Mackenzie and release him if found innocent.

Mackenzie’s brother reiterated his mother’s sentiments, saying he is innocent and has no connection with Pastor Ezekiel Odero of New Life Prayer Centre and Church.

Pastor Mackenzie of the Good News International Church is under investigation after his followers started turning up dead in Kilifi.

The preacher is suspected to have persuaded his congregants to starve to death in order to ascend to heaven. 

Police are currently exhuming bodies and rescuing survivors in his 800-acre piece of land in Shakahola forest, Kilifi County.

So far, over 100 bodies have been recovered from shallow graves in the forest.

On Thursday, Pastor Ezekiel of New Life Prayer Centre and Church was arrested over the alleged indoctrination of the public.

Coast Regional Commissioner Rhodah Onyancha said there were allegations of deaths reported on his premises.

Police claimed that some bodies that have been exhumed from the Shakahola Forest may have been brought from Pastor Ezekiel’s church in Mavueni.

The two preachers have since been arrested and are under police custody.

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