Maame Adjoa Shares Her Experience In Ghana’s 14-Day Mandatory Quarantine

Maame Adjoa is part of the 804 persons who have been released from government’s 14-day mandatory quarantine after arriving in Ghana from abroad.

A trip back home, which should have been filled with joy, was met with an order that left Maame and some 1,030 persons confused and anxious.

In an interview on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Maame said nothing prepared her for the 14-day stay at the hotel where she and many others were kept.

“I can’t describe the experience. It was a very emotional and anxious moment. It is just you and the four corners of your room,” she said.

No visitors were allowed to see Maame. The only persons who could come into her room or to see her were staff of the hotel who delivered food and the medical personnel who took her temperature daily.

Even with that, they were suited from head to toe in protective gear and had little or no conversation at all with her.


Maame tested negative after tests were conducted but she said the lack of contact with other persons, justified as it was, was also scary.

“Even after the results came out and I tested negative, it was still the same thing but at the end of the day I was cleared to come home.

“It was a very emotional and anxious moment especially when you know people are testing positive and you were on the same flight with them and you are wondering what’s going to happen,” she recounts.

She is home, and glad to be there but the experience is one she will not forget anytime soon.

She told host of the show, Daniel Dadzie that it took a lot not to slip into depression.

She could not step out of her room. The only time her door opened was when she was to receive food or have her temperature checked. Aside that, all she did was watch television, read a book or news stories online.

Coronavirus Isolation Center At Mbagathi Hospital

The news on the radio, television and in the print did not make her situation any better.

As she read about the increase in coronavirus cases in the country every other day or so, her anxiety increased and she wondered when she will be let out of the ‘prison’ she was in.

“Information flow was not very efficient. You are tested on Monday and you get your results on Sunday so between that period when people are calling and you are reading everywhere that a lot of people who came from Europe are testing positive and you don’t know what is happening…I was really anxious. I nearly got into depression mode.

“Sometimes I cried. It was a very traumatic and emotional experience.”

Maame is, however, grateful to the health personnel who attended to her during her stay in quarantine.

When anxiety got the best of her, she lashed out at them sometimes, but as she says

“they did very well. Looking at what was going on, I think they did excellently well. And I am glad that the President has acknowledged them.”

She also called for more education on the virus as misinformation is causing a lot of confusion and fear. (H/T Joy News


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