Lukresia Robai: Dancing Nurse Lands WHO Gig, Entertains Guests In Switzerland

Lukresia Robai, the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) student who became popular for dancing to her patients in hospital wards and sharing on Tiktok, has seen her doors open even more. 

Robai has once again been the talk of the town after a video clip was shared online, showing her entertaining guests in Switzerland. 

The Kitale-based nurse was one of those invited to entertain attendees at the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) ‘Walk the Talk’ event in Geneva. 

Lukresia Robai
Lukresia Robai

In the video, the popular ‘Mkono wa Bwana’ hit song by Tanzania’s Zablon Singers is blasting from the sound system, with Robai leading the dance crew in entertaining hundreds of people attending the event. 

Her moves captivated the attendees who also joined in the dance. 

Citizen Digital reached out to her about the experience in Geneva, and she said: “I was invited by the World Health Organisation to participate in walk the talk health for all. My experience at the event has been great.”

Robai became an online sensation when her videos dancing to kids at the Kitale level four hospital wowed audiences. 

In an exclusive interview with Citizen Digital, she said she loves dancing since it is something that is inborn and therapeutic. 

“It feels nice to be part of that group in society that promotes wonderful things. It fascinates the kids, dancing is good,” she said.

The goal of the ‘Walk the Talk’ event is to promote the importance of healthy lifestyles, raise awareness on the pursuit of health for all, and to celebrate the importance of partnership.

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