LinkedIn Sued For Allegedly Reading Apple User’s Clipboard Material

A New Yorker identified as Adam Bauer has sued LinkedIn for allegedly secretly reading and diverting the iPhone user’s sensitive clipboard material.

According to news reports, LinkedIn which is owned by the Microsoft Corporation diverted the content from the user’s Universal Clipboard application which is Apple Inc’s product.

The Universal Clipboard enables copying and pasting of text, images and videos between several Apple devices.

Bauer filed the complaint at a federal court in San Francisco claiming that LinkedIn accessed his Clipboard information without notifying or involving him in way.

Apple has a privacy setting command that notifies it’s users whenever there is a potential breach on the application.

According to Reuters, LinkedIn withheld comment at first when they were contacted.

However, they later released a statement addressing the issue and stating that they had released a new version of their application that will resolve this hitch.

Reports further indicate that Apple revealed that its iOS 14 found that LinkedIn application on many Apple users’ iPads and iPhones reads their content so much.

TikTok was also reported to be illegally accessing the Clipboard app users’ material.



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