Hilla Limann’s Daughter Keeps Her Promise As She Refuses To Attend Rawlings’ Funeral

In January 2018 Dr. Zilla Limann, a daughter of former President of the third republic of Ghana Dr. Hilla Limann revealed she was never going to attend the funeral of Flight – Lieutenant (retired) Jerry John Rawlings funeral should the latter die.

Dr. Zilla Limann made this known while speaking on Zylofon FM’s ‘Taxi Driver’ monitored by MyNewsGh.com in an answer to a question posed to her if she will attend Rawlings’ funeral when she is alive before he dies since he (Rawlings) attended her father’s funeral.

According to her, attending someone’s funeral, there should be a link between the two parties and that she has no link with Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings.

“Me? No! No! Not at all. I don’t know him like that to go to his funeraL…For me, I think there is a really personal thing. I need to know you or your family or there has to be a link or whatever. It will not even cross my mind,” she stated.

It is recorded that, Dr Hilla Limann was elected in 1979 and sworn into office on the 24th September 1979 as president of Ghana’s third Republic.

He was overthrown on the 31st December 1981 by Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings then leader of AFRC who had handed over power to him for about two-and-a-half years. He died on the 23rd January 1998 after a failed attempt to relaunch his political career under the Fourth Republican Constitution which started in 1992.

But Dr Zilla Limann further stated that despite all these, they ( Limann’s family) have no bad intentions about the former president Jerry John Rawlings reiterating that the decision is just a personal one.

Dr. Zilla Limann is the sixth child of Ghana’s former President and wife of the legendary Hiplife originator Reggie Rockstone.

True to her words coupled with checks by MyNewsGh.com, the trained Medical Doctor has really not attended the event as stated earlier despite admitting there is no bad blood between the Limans and Rawlings

Source: My News GH


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