Lighthouse Pastor Says Heaven Is A Scam Used To Manipulate Members Whilst Bishop Dag Enjoys On Earth

A former pastor of the Lighthouse Chapel has exposed the shady dealings of the church.

Bishop Okoh Mensah, one of the six who sued the church for not paying their SSNIT contributions, claims that Bishop Dag Heward-Mills and his fellow senior pastors are enjoying on earth whilst encouraging followers to store their treasures in heaven.

dag heward mills lighthouse

Speaking in a recent interview, Okoh Mensah said that heaven is an illusion used by senior pastors of the church to manipulate church members.

According to him, members are told to store their treasures in heaven meanwhile, Bishop Dag and his cronies are storing theirs here on earth.

“…Your senior pastors and bishop are not thinking of heaven, they’re establishing themselves on earth big time!

“Heaven is played as a card to manipulate you. You’re told to store your treasures on heaven whilst they store more treasures here on earth.” he revealed.

Okoh Mensah said church members are brainwashed to the extent that they focus everything they have on building their heavenly treasures.

He added that if anyone tries to tell a church member to focus on their education or career advancement instead of the church, that person is painted as the devil.


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