Legon Lecturer Narrates How His Wife Died Of Wrong Prescription At Ridge Hospital And The Nurses Laughed About It

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A senior lecturer at the University of Ghana a narrated a chilling experience at the Ridge Hospital leading to the death of his wife.

Mr. Emmanuel Kuto who is the Director of Ghana Institute of Languages says since the incident happened, no one from the hospital has spoken to him officially.

Narrating his story, Mr Kuto wrote on his Facebook timeline that his wife’s primary doctor fumed when he realized the medication administered by the nurse did not come from him. A nurse explained that another doctor prescribed it.

The primary doctor called the other doctor to find out why he would do such a thing. To Mr Kuto’s surprise, the nurses stood by and laughed as his wife battled for her life.

Mr Kuto’s wife dies 3 hours after he left the hospital to prepare for school the next day.

The Ridge Hospital, not long ago, was in the news for a similar issue of negligence and unprofessionalism. A furious husband had sued the hospital for Ghs5 million for the death of his wife and baby.


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