Leaked Audio: Sawla NHIA Manager Caught On Tape Forcing Himself On A Nurse

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A leaked audio recording of a conversation between a male and female has found its way to social media in which the man identified as the Manager of the National Health Insurance Authority in Sawla.

The conversation took a different turn when the lady continuously begged the manager to get off her.

The manager is heard in the 20-minute audio using emotional blackmail to get the distressed lady, Doreen to give in to his demands.

Mahama Sakara
Mahama Sakara, Sawla Tuna NHIA Manager

According to the distressed Doreen, she really struggled to ward off Mr Sankara’s efforts at forcible penetration, claiming that even though she was able to avoid penile penetration, she still suffered finger penetration in the process, Ghana Celebrities reports.

A petition has been filed to the Directorate of the NHIA to investigate the district manager, Mahama Sakara, for “sexual assault” and “attempted rape”.

Listen to the audio below:


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