Landlord Gives LGBTQ Members 1 Week To Vacate His House

The landlord of the LGBTQ+ office located at Kwabenya in Accra, Dr. Daniel Asenso Gyambibi has given his tenant, Alex Kofi Donkor one week to pack out of his 5-bedroom apartment.

This comes after Dr. Asenso Gyambibi reached out to his lawyers, Kwabenya district police service, estate agent over the breach of tenancy agreement by using the facility for LGBTQ+ activities.

According to Citi News report, the landlord has issued a cheque containing Alex Kofi Donkor’s 10 months balance of his rent.

Alex Kofi Donkor two months ago rented the 5-bedroom apartment under the pretext of using it as an office for a health NGO.

It was revealed that the said health NGO office was operating as LGBTQ+ office after a team of police, national security officials, Kwabenya Traditional Council and the owner of the apartment locked up the facility on Wednesday, February 24, 2021.

According to Mr Asenso, it came as a surprise to him to see his building used for illegal activities after viewing pictures and videos of the growing issue on social media.

“I called the tenant and I asked him that I hear there’s is something going on in the house what is it and he said we had a small party in the house and it’s all over social media.”

“I said hold on, a party and its all-over social media, what do you mean by that? Then he started trying to be dodgy and actually I was really angry. So, when he realized I had more information than what he was telling me he confessed,” he narrated to the media.

Source: Ghanaweb


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