Lady Offers KSh 340k To Any Woman Willing To Be Her Surrogate Mum

A Nigerian lady with the Twitter handle @Jacynthaekeh3 has taken to social media to offer the sum of KSh 340,000 to any surrogate mother willing to carry a child for her.

The lady rolled out conditions the prospective surrogate mother must meet.

The criteria include a height above 160cm, the weight must be above 49.9kgs, good looking, responsible, with blood group O positive and genotype AA.

Netizens took to the comment section of the post to share their thoughts. Many of those that commented said the money was not enough.

@ImEunice2 wrote:

“If she’s willing to pay KSh 2.8M I will have it done for her with no stress at all, but you see that 1.2m is small..”

@Tee_Y07 commented:

“That’s such a meager amount for such a risky task. God won’t only bless you with a child through me, but my life will also be at risk, my body, organs, bones, health, mental health. All for KSh 340k? I will pay whoever is willing KSh 426k not to do it.”

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