Kofi Akpaloo Says He’s The Only Messiah To Save Ghana From Economic Crisis

The Founder and leader of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Percival Kofi Akpaloo has said he is the one person who can save Ghanaians from the current economic hardships.

kofi akpaloo president of ghana

According to him, he has proved his capabilities to be a competent President if given the power to be President.

“Given the current state of the country if you need a messiah, if it is not Kofi Akpaloo who else can it be. Considering the extent to which NPP and NDC have destroyed this country if you need someone to restore it, it is Kofi Akpaloo.

“If we need economic emancipation, if we need an economic messiah, a person who can turn things around, the one who will build schools for contractors to get jobs and students to get spaces in their classrooms, the person who will construct more hospitals to create employment for health professionals, the one who will construct roads and who will also not collapse business, it is one person, John Mahama,” he told Kumasi-based Otec FM

According to him, the current economic hardships Ghanaians are facing are evidence that the government is struggling.


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