Kisumu’ Dancing Chief’: My wife Got Upset After Viral Video

John Ogilo Migun, the Northern Sub-Location assistant chief, has been the talk of the town since his dancing video went viral.

Despite the fame he received, Migun says his wife was not amused when the video first surfaced on the internet.

Speaking to Nation, Migun said the video was recorded when his wife had gone to sleep, and as a family man, he was expected to be home after his patrol.

However, after explaining the situation and its positive outcome regarding his work, Migun said his wife quickly understood and embraced the video.

In addition, the 38-year-old father of one urged women to allow their spouses to go out and blow off some steam, saying it helps them improve their productivity.

“I want to encourage women to allow their spouses to go out and relax to make them more productive when they go back home,” said Migun.

Christened the ‘dancing chief’, Migun said the video has helped bridge the gap between him and the residents and youths who were uncomfortable working with him due to fear.

For instance, Migun said he can now access information about where drug substances are sold, an issue that has negatively affected the youth in the area.

“It has definitely created a better interaction with the youth because they now come to my office because of the video. They are now free to talk to me about things that bother them, including the consumption of drugs,” said Migun.

Migun became an internet sensation over the festive season after a video of him dancing at the Alleyways Beer Garden Club, a popular bar and restaurant in Kisumu City, was recorded by an unknown person and uploaded online.

He said the video was randomly shot when he visited the club for a meal while on an ‘undercover mission.’

“The video was not planned. During our undercover mission, I heard the song and since I love it I began dancing and that’s when a random person recorded me and the video went viral,” said Migun.

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