Citizen TV Anchor Says The SDA Church Is A Fraud And A Cult

Citizen TV presenter Kimani Mbugua has denounced the Seventh Day Adventist church after being a member for close to 20 years.

In a video that has been widely shared, Kimani said he arrived at the decision to leave the Church after conducting extensive research.

Kimani who was born and raised in the SDA church further went ahead and termed Ellen Gold White one of SDA founders a fraud.

“I was very wrong and I am willing to admit it. I was very wrong in how I mistook the level of understanding that SDAs and Adventists have of the material they are consuming.” He said in part

I was born in SDA and now I know that SDA is not a church. It is a cult. I was born that way and raised that way. This is the only thing I have known for about 20 years from when I was a child to when I was an adult, there was a path for me and I followed it diligently.

I have read every single Ellen book… and I will show you that she is a fraud. Your life would be easier if you were out in a Sunday worshipping service. In fact, I think those people are happy. Here is how you know it is a cult.

If you don’t read, the people who read the most get indoctrinated the most and get so deep in the cult they never see the other side and that was who I was.” He added

The video has elicited mixed reactions across social media platforms with a huge number calling out the TV presenter on what they termed as lies.

The presenter had claimed that he was ordained at the age of 16, something SDA members claim has never happened.

I was very deep into it, I was ordained as an elder at the age of 16, a lot of people who went to Karura Adventist knew me as that guy they did not want to interact with because I was so anti-everything,

I was anti-hugging, anti-sex, any kind of sex, I used to hate sex. I could not imagine that one day I would get married and have sex. For you to be an SDA, you have to read a lot. Those guys read a lot.” he added

The presenter who had earlier claimed that the church had rendered him unapproachable also came out to issue an apology in a separate post.

According to Kimani Mbugua, his anger was not directed at the SDA church but at the author Ellen G white.

“There was a path for me and I followed it diligently and I am not saying these things from a point of ignorance. I have read every book and I am willing to sit down with anyone with an open mind, Apologies to any SDAs who were offended by my use of the f’word against Ellen G White and all the strong language I used earlier, I have deleted those posts from my personal page. My anger was only directed to her and not you guys” he said

Kimani also revealed that he intends to write a letter to the church to have his name removed from the register.

“I will formally write to the church to officially remove my name from their register, I renounce the SDA faith and I no longer wish to be associated with Seventh Day Adventism” he added

Here is the video of Kimani Mbugua of Citizen TV sharing his views about SDA:


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