Kim Jong-un Most Likely To Order Executions After Death Rumours, Experts Warn

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is likely to order a “wave of public executions” after his death rumours last week.

According to insiders in the secretive state, Kim’s return could be the beginning of a spate of killings in order to reinforce his position.

In 2012 Kim ordered the murder of his 67-year-old uncle and several loyal officers and imprisoned 200 officials for alleged treachery.

According to Professor Natasha Lindstaedt, an author and global expert on despot-led regimes, the 36-year-old despot has always had this very vindictive pattern of showing his strength by killing people. It sends a clear message.

“The military has to keep him happy. The smallest thing is perceived as disloyalty. I think he may have sheltered from coronavirus and any fear of a coup plot would mean he’d come back with a vengeance.” she added.

Prof Lindstaedt, Deputy Dean at the University of Essex, added that Kim’s sister is now in a highly “precarious position”.

Kim has jailed thousands of innocent civilians in his brutal work camps during his eight-year rule of horror, killing many in street executions and public murders.

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