People Are Making Fun Of Khloé Kardashian For Having “Chicken Feet” Hands

Let’s give Khloe Kardashian an applause for this epic clapback.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum’s hands have recently piqued the Internet’s interest, with fans often uploading close-up photographs of her long and thin fingers on social media.

khloe kardashian chicken feet hands

So when someone recently mocked Khloe’s posing in a Good American commercial, which showed the star’s hands tucked behind her head while wearing blue jeans, Khloe resorted to the comments section to shut it down.

“Oh lord, she’s hiding her hands,” the Instagram user wrote, to which Khloe responded, “lol never.” She added, “My hands are beautiful baby.”

As per E! News, This wasn’t the first time Khloe has addressed the media’s focus on her fingers. After a stylised picture session for her debut Good American shoe collection made headlines online in February, Khloe assured followers that she had

“normal size hands/fingers.”

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In response to charges that it was all “photoshop,” the mogul clarified publicly that her limbs were “elongated” in the shots because of a specialist camera lens.

“HA I’m cracking up!” she tweeted, before explaining that some of the promotional images were “shot on a camera lens that creates a stretching effect.”

Interestingly, Kardashian addressed an Instagram troll who questioned her appearance in an August 2020 Instagram post.

“Who is that on the right?” the user wrote in the comments section, referring to Kardashian, who donned a dark brunette blunt bob hairstyle. “Your new step mother. Be nice or get grounded,” the reality star clapped back at the time.

Meanwhile, Kardashian recently celebrated a fitness milestone on social media, displaying the developed muscles in her back on Tuesday. “About 3 months apart ,” Kardashian captioned the post, which included a bulkier picture that she first shared in September 2021 alongside a current snap of her noticeably slimmer yet more chiseled frame.


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