This Video Of Kenyans Fighting For Unga At A Supermarket Will Break Your Heart

Image: Cofek

We are living in extremely tough economic times.

The unga (maize flour) saga has specifically been a terrible one. First, the prices of unga had skyrocketed to alarming levels. After much public outcry, the government imported maize from Mexico and introduced subsidized unga for 80 bob. But after that move, unga totally disappeared.



Unga is now a rare commodity and it’s nowhere to be seen in the supermarkets.

The few packs of unga that appear on the shelves always disappear within minutes as everyone struggles to get some. The situation is so bad as shown by a video recorded by a certain Kenfrey Kiberenge. The video shows Kenyans scrambling to buy unga in an unnamed supermarket.

In the video, a supermarket attendant is pushing a trolley loaded with bundles of unga towards the shelves. He then asks shoppers to only take two packets of unga each but they don’t even wait for him to offload the bundles from the trolley.  They tear through the bundles and scramble to grab as many packs as possible.

Watch the video below: