Kenyans Don’t Want Schools Reopened In September, Poll Says

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A majority of Kenyan parents don’t want their children back at school in September, a recent study by Infotrak Research and Consulting company says.

At least 70% of those interviewed have fears of increasing cases of COVID-19 in the country.

In the study which was conducted between May 28 to June 2 covering 24 counties with 1,200 respondents, 41% of Kenyans expressed fears that the chances of children contracting the virus in schools were very high.

Most also argued that it would be very difficult to implement social distancing in schools which would increase the chances of spreading the virus.

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Out of those interviewed, 21% said the chances of children contracting the virus in school and spreading it to their siblings and parents at home was very high.

At least 8% of the interviewees expressed the increasing cases in the country was a sign that the virus was not under control with another 6% saying they are not sure if the worst of the pandemic has hit Kenya.

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