Kenyan Woman Charged With Hacking and Stealing Ksh 14.8 Billion From a Zimbabwean Govt Agency

A Kenyan woman has been charged with hacking a Zimbabwean government agency and stealing Ksh 14.8 Billion.

The woman identified as Primrose Nyeri Mwangi was allegedly involved in the hacking of the systems of the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef) and fraudulently transferring $120 million (approx.Ksh14 billion) from their accounts.

Primrose who is also the director of Primkett Travel and Tours and Maffkett trading transferred 2.4 Billion into the Bank account of Maffkett Trading.

Kenyan Woman

The other amount was transferred into the Atrier Engineering CBZ account, New places (Pvt) Limited NBS account and Tavaka Holding NBS account.

Primrose is alleged to have colluded with Gerald Pondai and Prosper Hove to hack the ZIMDEF data systems where they obtained codes to siphon money from the organization’s accounts.

The accused was arraigned at the Harare Magistrates Court today while detectives continue to look for the other two who are in hiding.

Out of the KSh 14.8 billion, only KSh 3.7 million has been recovered so far after the national Building Society reversed one of the transactions.

She was also charged with conducting business in Zimbabwe yet she was in the country on a tourist visa.

The 40 year old remains in custody pending a ruling on her bail application.

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