Kenyan Flogged By Chinese Colleague In Viral Video Is Suing Authorities

Simon Oseko, the Kenyan waiter who was flogged by Chinese colleagues at his workplace in a viral video from February 2020 is now suing both Chinese and Kenyan authorities.

He filed petitions at the High Court against CS Matiang’i, the Chinese government, Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai, Attorney General Paul Kihara as well as the Chinese Restaurant where he was working at the time of the assault.

Arguing his case, Oseko decried subjection to torture and ill treatment by his seniors at Chez Wou Restaurant in Nairobi.

Against one of his abusers (a Chinese national) identified as Hailan Deng, Oseko stated in the court documents that Hailan had allegedly harassed him sexually.

He revealed that Deng made sexual advances at him back in October 2019 while he was working at the restaurant.

According to the complainant’s lawyers Musyoki Mogaka and Company Advocates, their client lost his job after the incident and was not paid part of his salary.

Besides, he was allegedly not offered any employment contract as he was employed through the word of mouth.

Oseko was earning Ksh12,000 monthly.

His court documents also indicate that he is coming after the hotel for issuing him with the necessary public health certificates required by all food handlers and yet he never signed any contract with his employer.

Despite the Chinese government extending their support and regrets about the disturbing incident, Oseko wants Deng brought back to Kenya to face the Kenyan justice system.

Oseko was physically flogged by Deng while three other Chinese colleagues watched.

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Chinese nationals who assaulted Oseko arraigned in court ahead of deportation in February 2020

The four were later on arrested and deported from Kenya back to China for illegally being in the country and operating the business.

Here is the assault video:




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