Kenyan Chef Maliha Mohammed Set To Challenge Hilda’s 100-Hour Cooking Record

Chef Maliha Mohammed, the Kenyan chef who broke the Guinness world record for the longest cooking time by an individual in 2019, is set to attempt to break the record set by Nigerian Chef Hilda Baci in August.

Chef Maliha Mohammed who is based in Mombasa broke the record for the longest time spent cooking, after cooking for 75 hours non-stop at the Kenya Bay Beach Resort in Mombasa on 18th August 2019.

Maliha had prepared a list of 400 recipes of local and international cuisines for the competition to have her name on the Guinness Book of World Records.

A collage of Kenyan chef Maliha Mohammed and Nigerian Chef Hilda Baci
A collage of Kenyan chef Maliha Mohammed and Nigerian Chef Hilda Baci

Sharing on social media, chef Maliha revealed that she  put in an application in December 2022 for an attempt to break the record in 2023 and through an email she was informed the challenge will take place in August.

Ms Maliha will attempt to break two records on 11th August and 11th November the two are: Longest cooking by an individual marathon and home kitchen cooking marathon.

The chef who is in training for the cooking marathon said she will be training in May , June and July. She asked Kenyans for support through encouragement and donations for the training.

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She went ahead to congratulate Nigerian Chef Hilda Baci who broke the record by cooking for 100 hours.

Hilda broke the record which was previously held by Indian chef, Lata Tondon. Chef Lata had made meals for 87hours and 45 minutes nonstop.

A Guinness World Records spokesperson said they are waiting to receive the evidence for their Records Management Team to review before confirming the record is official.

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