Kenya Ranked 8th Best African Country For Business By Forbes In 2020

Forbes has ranked Kenya 93 among 161 countries in the World and 15th in Africa for doing business, according to the annual report sighted by


Kenya’s scores for individual factors on which the ranking was based are as follows:

Trade Freedom:120
Monetary Freedom:105
Property Rights: 82
Innovation: 69
Technology: 113
Red Tape: 111
Investor Protection: 10
Corruption: 131
Personal Freedom: 91
Tax Burden: 80

Also, the macroeconomic indicators and demographics used by Forbes are as follows:

GDP Growth: 4.9%,
GDP per Capita: $1,500
Trade Balance/GDP: -6.3%
Population: 48.4M
Public Debt/GDP: 54%
Unemployment: 40%
Inflation: 8%.

Kenya beat African powerhouses Ghana, Nigeria, and Egypt were all ranked lower.


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