Ev!l Man, I Will Expose You – Kennedy Agyapong Threatens Dag Heward Mills

Hon Kennedy Agyapong, an outspoken Ghanaian politician, has chastised Dag Heward Mills over a video of him cursing his church members.

Dag Heward Mills, according to Kennedy Agyapong, is worse than bad for cursing his church members in church.

“But why should a pastor curse someone for criticising him. What a shame. What is going on in this country. Is he not the one who has established churches in abroad?. A friend of mine has very intelligent kids and he has convinced all of them to leave Pentecost and become pastors in his church. Brilliant boys who were engineers and accountants and I don’t know how he managed to convince them to become pastors in Lighthouse.” He said.

Six former pastors of Dag Heward Mills’ Light House Church have come forward to share shocking information about him.

They announced that after all of their sacrifices, with some of them founding new branches for the church and devoting all of their time and money, Pastor Dag Heward Mills failed to financially support them and did not pay their SSNIT. He piled financial responsibility on them, including spending $1000 on their birthdays and the birthday of Dag Heward Mills.


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