Kennedy Agyapong Reveals He Has 22 Kids And 2 Wives

Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, doesn’t shy away from talking about the number of children he has when need be.

Though he has publicly declared that he has 22 children, according to him, sixteen of them are women.

Speaking to some tertiary students in Koforidua, at the ICGC Jesus Temple, the legislator admonished women never to give up in life.

Anell Agyapong

With determination, focus, and a can do spirit, a woman can do whatever she aspires to when she sets her mind to it, he urged.

To buttress his point, he mentioned that his 16 daughters are doing extremely well in their various schools.

The MP added that one of his 16 daughters, who performed exceptionally well is being chased by 7 Ivy League schools in the States.

“What any man can do on earth, a woman can do it and do it better. I have sixteen girls and their performance in school you have no idea of. One of them just got admission to about 7 Ivy league schools…the boys didn’t get these schools…So girls don’t let your sex deter you from succeeding in life. You can make it but it is a question of determination and focus. Dream big, don’t settle for less and assume God will do it…As an individual, know what you want in life,” he told the students gathered.

The tough-talking politician in an earlier interview disclosed that his 22 children are from two legally married wives and 10 mistresses.

“I have 22 kids … I don’t have one wife, I have two wives, others I have babies with them” he said.

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